Acrylic and gel nail problems and solutions

Ideally, acrylics last long and look natural. Although, acrylics are also the most harmful towards your nails and nail buds.

“There can be some downsides, which usually involve nail fungus or an allergic reaction to the polymer-based substances in the product,” according to an article by

Aside from health issues, the upkeep of acrylic and gel nails can be very damaging to your wallet as well.

As a college student, I have lost the ability to afford getting my nails done every three weeks so I decided to stay basic by doing my own nails.

Although, in the future I plan to return to El Camino’s Cosmetology Center or Lovely Nails and Spa located on Torrance Blvd. and Anza Ave.

WARNING: Acetone might be an efficient way to take off acrylic or gel nails, but it is actually damaging for your health.

“It can get into your blood stream if you soak your nails in it,” cosmetology professor Patricia Gerbert said.

Studies are still working on a alternative method but there is a home remedy from to avoid too much damage.

Petroleum Jelly can be bought at any convenience store, such as Walgreens for about $5 or less.

In the end, acrylic and gel nails are worth it if you follow the steps to keep them healthy and can afford it.

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